To reduce problems associated with power surges, Berkeley Electric Cooperative offers affordable, flexible protection through its Surge Guard® program. The program helps protect against unexpected voltage surges that can harm or even ruin electronic devices such as major appliances and smart TVs, digital thermostats or voice assistants.

Surge Guard® is a whole home program where a surge suppressor is installed at the meter base. These meter base units are leased by Berkeley Electric Cooperative to program participants for a small monthly fee. Please be aware that this is not lightning protection and does not cover damage resulting from a direct or indirect lightning strike. Surge Guard® is strictly a power line surge suppressor.

To ensure the best level of protection, we will test the resistance to ground for your ground rod connected to your meter base.  If the ground is unacceptable, it can be improved as part of the initial installation.

If you would like more information about the Surge Guard® program please e-mail us.

Please note that Surge Guard helps safeguard against the effects of indirect lightning but does not guarantee protection from lightning strikes.