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Help hold down power costs and make a positive impact on the environment by enrolling in the Smart Thermostat Program. Berkeley Electric members can save both ENERGY and MONEY!

How does the program work?  Berkeley Electric will sync your thermostat to make small automatic adjustments based on peak times. Before a peak occurs, Berkeley Electric will pre-cool or pre-heat your house, so you stay comfortable while your HVAC system saves energy. You can even opt out a control period, if needed. Select one of the two easy options below.

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Purchase an ecobee smart thermostat from us for just $150 + tax (one per household) and once it is installed and hooked up to Wi-Fi, we will refund the money as a bill credit. You will also receive a $50 bill credit if you stay opted in to 60% or more of the control events for the following 12 months. Plus, the $50 annual credit is ongoing as long as the program and your participation continues.

  • Thermostat is controlled 4-8 times a month
  • Control periods are typically 2-6 p.m. summertime / 5-9 a.m. wintertime
  • Members must participate in 60% of periods to qualify for rebate



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Members that already have smart thermostat installed can still share in the benefits!

By agreeing to allow Berkeley Electric to adjust the thermostat settings about 4-8 times each month in order to reduce kilowatt-hour use during peak electricity demand periods these members will receive a $100 bill credit (one per household).

Members will also receive additional $50 bill credit for each year of active participation (credit applied in April).

To “bring your own thermostat” and receive the rebate be sure to sign-up your smart thermostat by clicking on the button for the brand you want to enroll.

A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat setting to fit your schedule and save energy. The ability to schedule your thermostat settings or to adjust them remotely can help avoid heating and cooling your home at unnecessary levels when no one is there. 

When the cooperative purchases power, energy during those peak hours is more expensive. The more we can cut down on how much energy is used during those periods, the lower our power bill will be. We will use those savings to hold down costs for our members. There are typically 4-8 control periods each month with the events occurring between 2-6 p.m. in the summertime and 5-9 a.m. in the wintertime.

You’ll be notified of control during peak times on the device’s display with an option to override. You can override control up to 40-percent (40%) of the time. If you exceed 40-percent, you will not qualify for the $50 12-month bill credit.

For any member that stays opted in 60-percent (60%) or more of the control events for the 12 months following their thermostat coming online, they will receive a $50 electric bill credit. The $50 credit is an ongoing annual opportunity as long as the program continues.

If you are feeling handy and want to avoid installation costs, these guides will show you what is required to install your own ecobee smart thermostat:

All-electric heat pump set-up guidelines

Dual fuel heat pump set-up guidelines

For further details contact one of our Marketing & Energy Consultants or call us at 1-800-327-9615.