In a cooperative, everyone gets a piece of the pie

It Pays to Be a Member

As a member of Berkeley Electric Cooperative, you are also an owner. When you make a payment to Berkeley Electric, a portion of that payment goes directly toward your "capital" investment in our electrical system. Unlike investor-owned utilities that generate profits on behalf of shareholders, not-for-profit electric cooperatives return any profits, or margins, to their members in the form of capital credits.

  • Who gets a capital credit refund? Every member who bought electricity from Berkeley Electric Cooperative during the years of service that are being retired.

  • When do you return capital credits? Each year, Berkeley Electric's Board of Trustees evaluates how much to pay, taking into consideration such factors as the impact on electric rates and financial strength of the co-op. Capital credits may not be returned every year.

  • How is my refund amount determined? Your refund amount is based on the amount of electricity you used during the years of service that are retired.

  • How are the funds paid? In order to minimize costs, all Capital Credit refunds will be issued as a line item bill credit on a member's account.

Capital Credit FAQs