H2O Water Heater Programs

H2O Advantage®

H2O Advantage® is a rebate program designed to help our members purchase and install energy-efficient electric water heaters. This program requires the installation of a load management switch that helps the Cooperative manage the demand cost of your electricity while still providing you with adequate water heating to meet your needs.

If you would like more information about the H2O Advantage® Rebate program please e-mail us.

  1. Contact your local Berkeley Electric Cooperative office and ask to speak with an H2O Advantage® representative who will help you determine the best water heating option and tank size for your family.

  2. Agree to participate in the H2O Advantage® program for a minimum of 5 years, using the option and tank size recommended by Berkeley Electric Cooperative.

  3. Find an approved contractor to install your new water heater.

  4. Notify your local district office when your water heater is installed. We will then inspect the water heater and install a load management switch.
    Please note: You have 60 days from the time you sign up for the H2O Advantage® to have your electric water heater installed.

  5. Cash the rebate check we give you.

  1. The installation of a load management device installed by Berkeley Electric Cooperative is a prerequisite for qualification in any incentive from Berkeley Electric Cooperative.

  2. The qualifying standards for water heater equipment are all electric and ASHRAE Standard 90 or the National Appliance Efficiency Standard. (All manufacturers were required to conform to NAES as of Jan. 1, 1990)

  3. Minimum total tank capacity for the water heater program is 50 gallons. Wiring Requirement: 10/2 with ground copper wire with 30 amp two-pole, 240 volt breaker. Maximum heating element size is 4500 watts.

  4. The installation of the new water heating equipment must comply with local and state plumbing and NEC Code specifications.

  5. The member or their successor in interest grants permission for Berkeley Electric Cooperative representative(s) to monitor and evaluate the installation of the water heating equipment and load management devices and to gain access for a minimum of 5 years.

  6. The member grants Berkeley Electric Cooperative permission to install specialized metering equipment to evaluate energy consumption and usage patterns.

  7. The member or their successor in interest grants Berkeley Electric Cooperative the right to recoup all previous incentives should the member disconnect or manipulate the load management device for any reason during the minimum 5 year period. 

The H2O Advantage® program allows you to qualify for money back on a new electric water heater. Review the rebate options and see if one applies to you.

  • New Home Rebate

    • Min. 50-gallon tank with LM switch $300

    • Min. 80-gallon tank with LM switch $400


  • Existing Home

    • Min. 50-gallon tank with LM switch $200

    • Min. 80-gallon tank with LM switch $300


  • Mobile Home

    • ​Min. 50-gallon tank with LM switch $200

    • Min. 80-gallon tank with LM switch $300

H2O Select® Water Heater Warranty

At Berkeley Electric Cooperative, we know that the last thing you want to worry about is your water heater which is why we offer the H2O Select® Water Heater Warranty.

For a 50-gallon tank, the warranty costs $7 per month and covers any existing electric water heater you have in your home, as well as parts and labor for the water heater, heating elements and thermostat. And although it does not cover plumbing or leaking pipes, it does cover complete replacement of a leaking tank. For an 80-gallon tank, the cost is $11 per month.

After signing up, there will be a 30-day waiting period before a claim can be made. The minimum contract length is five years. Please contact your local district office for full details or send us an e-mail.



As of 2016, the cost of the warranty increased from $5 to $7 per month on a 50-gallon tank and from $5 to $11 per month on an 80-gallon tank due to rising electric water heater costs brought on by new government efficiency standards.

Members who have been on the program for less than five years can finish their contract at the original $5 monthly rate. Members who have been on the plan longer than five years will see the increased cost reflected in the February 2016 billing cycle.

Participants for more than five years can discontinue the warranty at any time. Members over the five-year term will be changed to $7 per month per water heater, unless the member notifies the co-op that he or she wants the 80-gallon warranty.

Members with 80-gallon tanks may elect to warranty the replacement of the tank for $11 per month per water heater. New 80-gallon tanks will require the installation of a load-management switch.