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Nobody likes it when a stranger is in their yard but you can have peace of mind by identifying a BEC employee in three easy steps - by checking for the logo on their vehicle, their uniform, and their employee ID badge.

We try to give advance notice of when we will be on your property but please note that it is not required. According to Service Policy 702 - cooperative identified employees have the right of access to member’s premises at all reasonable times to access and maintain our equipment.

Berkeley Electric also contracts with multiple outside companies for assistance with system maintenance including, but not limited to, Sumter Utilities, McCall-Thomas and McClean Engineering. Whenever possible, we provide our contractors with a “BEC Authorized Contractor” decal but the majority will be in a clearly identified vehicle and logo uniform. We do ask that these contractors make contact with a member when accessing a residential property for any official business.

Remember, if you have any questions you have the right to request to see the credentials of an employee or contractor if they are not readily visible. If you are still unsure, please gather as much information as possible and call your local district office. There should be no circumstances where it becomes necessary to verbally threaten or physically assault our personnel or contractors.