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Berkeley Electric Cooperative is providing 400 half price trees to its members through Energy-Saving Trees, an Arbor Day Foundation program that helps conserve energy and reduce energy bills through strategic tree planting. Each 5-gallon tree costs $25 and will be 3-5 ft. tall.


Starting today, Berkeley Electric members can reserve their trees at The “Energy-Saving Trees” online tool helps customers estimate the annual energy savings that will result from planting trees in the most strategic location near their homes or businesses. Members can reserve up to two trees and are expected to care for and plant them in the location provided by an interactive online planting tool. In addition to providing approximate energy savings, the tool estimates the trees’ other benefits, including cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions and filtered storm water.


“This program benefits the environment while also helping homeowners save money on their energy bills,” said BEC’s Adam Bradshaw, manager of vegetation operations. “Planting the right tree in the right place can help a homeowner save up to 20 percent on their electric bill.”


The program includes five different species of flowering or fruiting trees chosen to grow well in the Lowcountry including Brown Turkey Fig, Eastern Redbud, Japanese Maple, Pink Flowering Dogwood and Jane Magnolia. Trees will be available for pickup for one-day only on May 1st from 9 am – 1 pm at cooperative district office of the member’s choice. The last day to reserve trees is April 26 and in order to participate the member must enter an address served by the cooperative.